The Story of Nuada Silverhand

In the misty legends of ancient Ireland, the Tuatha De Danaan contended with the Fir Bolg for possession of the land. During the first battle of Magh Tuiredh (Moytura), a battle between heroes ensued. Nuada, the king of the Tuatha De Danaan, faced Sreng, the champion of the Fir Bolg. Though Nuada lost his sword hand at the wrist, the Tuatha De Danaan were triumphant. The remaining Fir Bolg agreed to confine themselves to the northwestern corner of Ireland, known as Connacht.

Dianchecht, the druid physician of the Tuatha De Danaan, prepared a bath of magical herbs with such curative properties that the wounded who were plunged into it were made whole. However, the bath could not cure the king. Now in those days the king was required to be whole in mind and body, and so Nuada, a good and well-loved king, was forced to step down. Now Bres was chosen to be king but his ways brought unhappiness to the people. To solve this dilemma and restore rightness to the throne, Dianchecht caused to be fashioned a marvelous hand of silver and fitted it to Nuada's arm. It was so deftly wrought that it performed all the tasks of a fleshly hand and so Nuada could, once again, take his rightful place as king.

In a later battle on the plain of Magh Tuiredh, Nuada was finally killed and so his spirit returned to the mystical land of Tir-Nan-Og.

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